Would you sacrifice your life for the lives of your children?

Would you sacrifice your life for the lives of your children?

I am convinced that motherhood, for many women, is the fullest gift and the one that demands the most responsibility and commitment. I also take it for granted that heroic deeds and deeds can be expected from a mother. In Lorca, Murcia, after the deadly earthquake that occurred two days ago, two small children were rescued who were covered and protected under the body of their dead mother.

Can you imagine the scene that this mother has experienced with her two children? I once attended a documentary that featured an event that seemed more like a story. After suffocating the fire in the Yellowstone National Park USA., a ranger found a burned bird at the foot of a tree, in a somewhat strange position, because it did not appear that it had died by entrapment. Its wings were closed around its body. When the ranger picked it up, he could see three small chicks emerging alive from under the mother's wings. It's true, a mother never abandons her children.

In Lorca, the stories resemble this story. The earthquake, landslides, rubble everywhere, a mother running and looking for protection with her two children and then, seeing that a construction was coming on her, the woman in her 30s made her body a coat and a "cave" for your children. He ended up dying under the rubble, but he succeeded in saving his children. It was the screams and cries of the little ones that made their rescue possible.

The landscape was one of ruin and devastation because it took about 15 minutes to remove the mother's body from the rubble. He had died on the spot, but the children were alive, conscious, and with some cuts and blows, although they were fine. It is not every day that lives like these are saved and not every day such heroic acts are known and worthy of so much love, like that of this mother. If you were to experience a situation similar to that experienced by this mother and her two children, do you think you would do the same?

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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