The Braille Method

The Braille Method

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It is a logical method of raised points, distributed in 2 columns of 3 points for each symbol or letter, so that a blind person can, through the touch of their fingertips, read what, with a device called a slate and a punch, was designed earlier. That is, it is like reading and writing with your hands.

To start using the Braille method, it is necessary for the child to have good spatial orientation and a trained touch. You must master the concepts above, below, right, or others, the knowledge of elementary geometric figures and simple silhouettes and the knowledge of Braille signs. Braille writing can be done in two ways: manually or using a keyboard. Reading is done first by placing the book horizontally. Then the fingers are placed on the line, making a little pressure. It cannot be palpated, and both hands must be used independently.

The education of the blind child in Spain is in charge of the ONCE, National Organization of the Blind, a Public Law entity that is supervised by the State and that is developed in three areas: a commercial company that administers the pro-blind coupon; company responsible for specialized services in education; and association with more than 30 thousand visually impaired members.

At the end of 2004, Once launched a toy in the shape of a doll, to be used by any boy or girl, with or without visual impairment. This toy is the first global initiative of its kind. It familiarizes the little ones with the reading and writing system, and represents an extremely valuable educational resource for the classroom or for play at home. Combine learning with fun.

Braillín was created in Argentina by a teacher of children with visual disabilities, with which it won a prize in the Educational Research Contest on School Experiences. It is specially made of a material suitable for early childhood education, and the first cycle of Primary Education, that is, for children from 3 to 10 years old. It is accompanied by a Didactic Guide in which its usefulness is explained and can be purchased at any center of the Organization.

- Integrating everyone in homes and schools.

- Promoting respect for diversity among people.

- Teaching the Braille alphabet to children.

- It favors the empathy and self-esteem of children with visual disabilities.

- It benefits the personal autonomy of children by teaching them, for example, to tie their shoelaces.

- Develops touch, with different textures, manual pressure and reinforcement of muscle tone.

- Teaches symbolic game, with the imitation of actions at home, at school.

- Instructs about the parts of the body and the face.

- It favors expression and communication. And therefore, to socialization.

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