Hashtag, a baby name in honor of Twitter

Hashtag, a baby name in honor of Twitter

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Inspiration for parents to name their children comes from everywhere. The sources of inspiration from which the baby names that parents give our children come are fed by historical origins and meanings: Greek names, names of Latin origin, Hebrew names ... even the names of boys and girls related to the more rabid actuality. This has been the case of the baby who has received the name of Hashtag, a new name for babies in honor of the modern social platform Twitter.

Apparently, the parents are real Twitter fans and, for that reason, they have decided to name their daughter after the famous #pad. In this way Hashtag Jameson, that's the name of the girl, has become the first person in the world with this name and has become famous. The most critical believe that these parents have found the best way to turn their newborn daughter into a phenomenon of social networks since today everyone is commenting on the decision to give this kind of names to their children and its repercussion on the future, since the name is a hallmark of the person and we are not very clear about what will happen when the girl is older. Will he be teased or will his name be considered one of many?

Either way, they are not the first dads to use social media as inspiration for their baby names. In fact, to date Facebook was the social network that most inspired parents. In Israel, another baby received the name "Like" in honor of Facebook, and in Egypt another couple decided to name their baby "Facebook" as a thank you to all that this social network had given to them. they.

So from the fashion of names of continents, such as Africa and Asia, we have gone to the fashion of the names of places or geographical areas of incomparable beauty such as Alaska or Iguazú, and then the names of the babies of the famous and a few years ago in the fashion of naming a large majority of babies the names of actors of the moment who had triumphed on the big screen or characters from our favorite films, among which the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings sagas have stood out. , and now Twilight.

Although nothing surprises us anymore, it still seems strange to us that the emergence of social networks has become fashionable in the trend of choosing baby names. What will come next? What new names for girls and boys will appear in our everyday life? It is very possible they are related to new technologies, but you never know.

And if you have doubts about what name to give your baby, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls, where you can find all the baby names in alphabetical order, according to their origin and place of origin, and their meaning.

Marisol New.

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