Saint Anselm's Day, April 21. Names for boys

Saint Anselm's Day, April 21. Names for boys

Anselmo is a name for a child of Germanic origin that means "the protégé of God", so it is a name full of good stars and positivity.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Anselmo enjoys a great reputation for its long tradition, and it is not at all old-fashioned. He celebrates his name day on April 21, which is the day of San Anselmo.

Due to the meaning of his name, Anselmo has a determined and energetic character, since good luck usually accompanies him. In addition, Anselmo stands out for his alert intelligence and his sympathy, which makes him the true protagonist in social relationships. His restless spirit leads him to undertake the most varied projects, but he always keeps in mind the protection and safety of his family.

The name Anselmo is known throughout the world, although it is by no means a frequent name. Used formerly under the influence of the Germanic nobility, the name was losing popularity, but maintaining at all times its charge of dignity and greatness. Therefore, it may be the perfect name for your child if what you like is to revitalize old names that are not eccentric.

If we can highlight something about the name of your son, it is his close relationship with the greatest intellectuals of all times. Thus we meet the theologian Anselmo de Havelger, the chronicler Anselmo de Liège, the historian Anselmo de Saint Remy, Anselmo de Laon, known as "the doctor of doctors" and Anselmo de Parma, a full-fledged Renaissance man who cultivated many fields of interest.

The name of your son also reminds us of a story of the former Nobel Prize winner Camilo José Cela, "Don Anselmo", but if there is a personality that attracts us because it is surrounded by legend, it is that of Anselmo Lorenzo, who was one of the anarchist pioneers, who was known as "the grandfather of Spanish anarchism."

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