Celebrate Book Day with

Celebrate Book Day with

Take advantage of the book day celebrations to bring your child closer to books. He will surely love watching a storyteller, visiting a library appropriate to his age, turning the pages of a fun book, and if possible, give him the one he likes the most, so that together you can read it before each one goes to bed. to sleep.

But if you don't have time to follow our proposals, you can buy the book or children's story in our magazine's bookstore. There are books for parents to help them educate, understand and better care for their children, as well as for the little ones.

Stories and stories for children to know other worlds, and get closer to other realities, and understand many issues that concern them.

Books awaken feelings and sensations, and enrich knowledge. They encourage imagination, creativity and play. They are great tools for the development of children.

he habit of reading is not born with the child, it requires stimulation. If the child grows up in an environment where he can have access to books and feels that the book is not only a tool for reading, but also for play and imagination, surely this child will be attracted to books. Ideally, parents take their children to a library or bookstore once a week, and little by little a routine of commitment and the habit of reading will be created.

In the bookstore on our site you can find and buy books on different topics: education, health, travel, games, parties, autism, etc., as well as children's stories that educate and help children understand situations such as fear, shyness, racism, sharing, etc., in a safe way, and with shipping to all countries of the world.

Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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