Saint Micaela Day, June 15. Names for girls

Saint Micaela Day, June 15. Names for girls

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Micaela is a name for a girl of Hebrew origin that means "the one similar to God". It is a name of exceptional beauty that finds its masculine in one of the most frequent names: Miguel.

Although Micaela is not very common, her popularity is increasing thanks to those parents who like to revitalize traditional names that maintain their originality. He celebrates his name day on June 15, which is the day of Santa Micaela.

Because of the meaning of her name, Micaela has a charismatic, enigmatic and powerful personality, so it is not difficult for her to integrate into any social group. In addition, Micaela is an intelligent person with a dynamic character typical of an enterprising and successful woman.

The name Micaela is known in all languages ​​with some variations. We find her form in both English and French, Michelle, especially familiar and attractive, which evokes sensuality and delicacy. In any case, it can be the perfect name for your girl if you like the usual names with a renewed touch.

We know many charismatic women who are named after your daughter. This is the case of the Argentine actress Micaela Vázquez or the also Spanish actress Michelle Jenner. But if we talk about actresses we cannot avoid mentioning the popular Michelle Pfeiffer.

The strength that your daughter's name transmits is reflected in two important women in politics, such as Michelle Obama, the wife of the US president, and Michelle Bachelt, who was president of the Republic of Chile. But if we have to choose a Michelle from among all of them, we are definitely left with the Beatles song.

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