Potty training: Maintaining interest

Potty training: Maintaining interest

How do I maintain my child's interest in potty training?

It's hard to maintain a child's interest in anything unless she really wants to stay engaged. If your child seems to be losing interest, it might help to ask yourself, "How can I maintain interest in potty training when my child is taking a long time to make any progress?"

Some children will willingly sit on the potty but show little enthusiasm for anything more. A parent can interpret this lack of enthusiasm as a lack of motivation or interest and may even entertain such thoughts as, "If she doesn't get more involved, we'll be sitting in the bathroom together for the next three years!" The parent might then decide to urge the child to be more involved, perhaps by offering rewards or talking more about "being a big girl" and the delights of wearing underpants all day.

Sometimes a little of this kind of encouragement will help a child make progress. However, if gentle motivation doesn't work, stay relaxed, hard as that may be. If you keep pushing a child who has found her own pace, she may decide to slow down rather than speed up. She may even decide to refuse to do whatever she has been doing up to that point. Instead of creating more interest in using the toilet, pushing too hard can lead to all-out resistance.

Other common problems

  • Frequent bed-wetting
  • Handling accidents
  • Won't have a bowel movement on the potty
  • Won't sit on the potty
  • Going to the bathroom in public places

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